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Our daily workouts are divided into two parts. Strength and Intensity. In addition to these, we also have Team, Hero, Run Coaching, Mobility, Next Level, and Hometraining to offer.


The Strength sessions extend over a quarter, where we each month work with a different number of reps, and end the quarter with a test period of two weeks. Every day we attack a specific muscle group and movement. A week could, for ex, look like this; squat, clean, deadlift, snatch, press.


The intensity workout follows the same muscle group / movement as the Strength workout of that day. If we do ground lifting on Strength, then Intensity will follow in its footsteps with an intense metcon with, for ex, kettlebell swings, box jumps, rowing, etc., ie the same muscle group / movement and exercises that work in parallel with these.

team Saturdays

On Saturdays, we switch our 30-minute classes for 90-minute classes, and work in teams of 2-3. It is a longer metcon that mimics the Intensity class with a combination of a lot of heavy breathing and strength.

hero - Sundays

On Sundays, i traditional CrossFit spirit, we have a Hero wod. A Hero workout is a tribute workout created after a military or blue light personnel who have died in the line of duty.

run coaching

Twice a week, we offer coached running sessions focusing on improving your running technique and fitness. Each session starts with a warm-up and includes unique intervals that are doable regardless of fitness level.


Crossfit involves very explosive exercises and the body needs variety in movement to improve. In our yoga-inspired mobility, we alternate longer static positions with calm mobility flows.

våra oass - mobility.jpeg
våra pass - ny box - oly _edited.jpg
Olympic lifting

Immersion in the Olympic lifts, jerks and thrusts.

We practice basic positions, technique training and strength training to improve in all Olympic exercises. 


Deepening in exercises such as muscle up, handstand push ups, toes to bar etc. We practice basic positions, technique training and strength training to improve ourselves in all gymnastic exercises. 

våra pass - gymnastik - använd den övre delen så man ser hele den hängande tjejen_edited.j

book a class

To book a class you need to have an active membership (paid membership or trial). If you are a member you can click on the "Book now" button below and log into Wondr. If you are not a member, you can become one by clicking on the "Sign up" button. 

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