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Kids Running

kids & teens

We want exercise to be fun and have therefore developed exercise programs specifically designed for children. Our trainers have experience of health and exercise for children, and offer several classes at our facilities in Mölndal & Lindholmen.

Chilren During Physical Education Lesson
kids 7-11 years

The children in this group train on good execution of functional and athletic movements with a focus on having fun! Mölndal Kids strives for the children to be physically prepared in general. CrossFit mentions ten general physical skills (strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, agility, strength, fitness and accuracy) and we train everyone to prepare children for the demands of life and future physical activities.

We train according to a well-planned programming where all crossfit exercises are included. With adapted exercises and weights depending on the child's age, physique and knowledge.

This group runs once a week Sundays 14.00-14.45 and 15.00-15.45

The semester is 15 occasions.

teens 12-16 years

For our older children / teens, we teach appropriate form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements in a programming made to improve results and be able to handle all crossfit exercises.

Each child is instructed at their own level, so that each individual is challenged and developed at each opportunity. We train children to be generally physically prepared within the ten skills - strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, endurance, speed, agility, strength, fitness and accuracy.

We train everything from explosiveness, strength training, endurance training, gymnastics, weightlifting and other exciting things, all the time with a focus on having fun together.

We also prepare them to join the adult group when they have reached that age.

This group trains on Sundays  in a group 16.00-17.00 and Tuesdays divided into two groups 18-30-19.30 and 19.15-20.15


Boka kids & teens träning

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