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welcome to superb

At SUPERB CrossFit, we work together, we guide you so that you can achieve your goals and visions in the best way.

our vision

We know that well-being is much more than the workout itself or what we eat. Fitting workouts into your everyday life is a puzzle that many find difficult to solve. This can often times create stress and become counterproductive.  We create a space where both your training and everyday life can co-exist!


Our unique workout classes, gives those who are daily looking for time to get in a workout, a fair chance to really succeed! Do a whole hour at once, or half an hour or why not divide it into two half hours depending on what your day looks like at the time .

Ensuring quality is important to us! Our ambition is to 

always see the individual while coaching everyone during our classes, regardless of fitness level! The feedback on our programming is that it is well adapted with levels from beginner to RX. Everyone is challenged, regardless of level, during the same session! Our constantly expanding range of gym equipment means that you do not have to have a traditional gym card to complement your Crossfit training.


Regardless of your goals or ambition, the opportunities lie with us at SUPERB Crossfit! We all have different starting points and ambitions! Some of our members are experienced, know what they want and have their sights set. Others are brand new and need support and guidance.

become part of the family

SUPERB Crossfit has some of the city's happiest members, and we are constantly growing. Become part of our family and discover the benefits of SUPERB. 

I think it's extremely fun to train here, and it has a lot to do with the people and their positive attitude. There are wonderfully nice people here! Then I like the schedule. I love that you can go for short, intense sessions and that you can train almost whenever you want during the day, it gives you such freedom!

- Amanda

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